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The Official Haparanda­Tornio Travel Guide – Double the time. Double the life. Double the adventure.

Are you thirsty for adventure? Breathe in the fresh sea breeze at the meeting point of two cultures. From us you can find out about activities and things to do whether you’re alone, travelling with a friend or with the whole family.

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Explore HaparandaTornio under the Midnight Sun

While the sky is bright all day long, there are many activities you can do. We’re listing some ideas for you when you visit us.

HaparandaTornio infopoints

We have opened couple on InfoPoints in HaparadaTornio also where you can ask some tips for your vacation face to face or pick up a map of our destination.

Book the arctic archipelago tours for the summer

The archipelago in HaparandaTornio is unique. The flora and fauna is interesting and different. The islands are the place to escape for a day in the summer and great for the national park enthusiasts.

Double it up – double the shopping experience!

In HaparandaTornio you are able to shop in a very unique way. Read what our local ambassadors suggest for your shopping day!

How to arrive to HaparandaTornio

Are you arriving from Stockholm or Helsinki, via rail or flying? Maybe you are  driving with your own car. How to arrive to this arctic border town?


Travel recommendations

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