Winter is the most fun. On the snow and ice, from sledding to fat biking, discover awesome winter adventures, or pop into town for Christmas shopping.

TOP 5 Northern Lights spots in HaparandaTornio

Welcome to experience the aurora dance show in the heart of Swedish and Finnish Lapland by the sea and amazing Torne River.

TOP 5 Winter activities in HaparandaTornio

New Year Celebration – winter package

How to dress for winter in HaparandaTornio?

How to prepare for the winter conditions in this arctic border city?

10 Reasons Why Going On a Workation

More and more people work remotely these days, they can pretty much get the job done in any place with a laptop and internet.  We are listing 10 reasons here why you should choose to come to HaparandaTornio as your next workation destination.