During the upcoming summer, a new and varied edition of Kalottjazz & Blues Festival will be presented on the two first days of July. Almost twenty concerts are spread throughout HaparandaTornio.

Arctic Border Race

Join this unique running competition organized in HaparandaTornio. Cross the border running on river and sea ice.

Happy New Twice

Two countries, two timezones, one New Year´s party on the Arctic border of Sweden and Finland in HaparandaTornio! Join our unique New Year´s Celebration together with the locals. Experience the year changing twice under the sparkling winter sky at Victoria Square. Happy New Twice offers you party music, amazing entertainment and dazzling fireworks twice – first at midnight Finnish time and one hour later at Swedish time. The whole Twin-city bursts with life on the last day of the year!

Read more here Happy New Twice – Happy New Twice

Event Listing

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Kukkola Mill Summer Art

25.6.2022 – 5.8.2022

Kukkolaforsen 214, 953 91 Haparanda, Sverige

Welcome to Kukkola Mill Summer Art at Kukkolaforsen, Haparanda!

Jala Konst & Hantverk.


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Art exhibition

28.5.2022 – 29.5.2022

Järnvägsstationen, Järnvägsgatan, Haparanda, Sverige,

In different places around Norrbotten.

In Haparanda: Järnvägsgatan 21

For the entire program please visit the homepage: https://konstrundan.k-i-n.se/

Over seventy artists around Norrbotten open their homes, studios and other exhibition spaces for you to visit.

In Haparanda Mikael Dysholm and Kenneth Mikko show their art at Järnvägsgatan 21.

For the entire program please visit the homepage: https://konstrundan.k-i-n.se/

Klockan 11-16

For free.

Konstnärer i Norrbotten


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Seskarö Trails Trailrun

18.6.2022 – 18.6.2022

Seskarö Havsbad & Camping, Tromsöviken, Seskarö, Sverige

Explore Seskaröss beautiful forests and discover the Haparanda Archipelago’s finest trails at Seskarö Trails Trailrun. The competition offers tracks for the whole family, regardless of experience or age. Here the joy of running is in focus!

Registration:  https://raceid.com/sv/races/8534/about

More information at: Seskarö Trailrun – Våra lopp (seskarotrails.se)

Chilfren fr SEK 49 | Adults fr. SEK 299

Seskarö Trails förening


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Classical music with Norrbottens Kammarorkester

6.5.2022 – 6.5.2022

Alatornion kirkko, Kirkonmäentie, Torneå, Finland,

The place for the concert is Alatornio curch.
There is a specific entrance for a person with wheelchair.

Concert with classical music by Norrbotten Chamber orchestra together with guest conductor Gérard Korsten and soloist Laura Michelin on flute.
W.A. MozartAdagio och fuga c-moll K. 546
Tôru TakemitsuRequiem för stråkorkester
André JolivetFlöjtkonsert no.1
Johannes BrahmsSextett op 36 (arr. K Atterberg)

Konserten startar kl. 18.00 svensk tid
Konsertti alkaa klo 19.00 suomen aikaa
Concert starts at 18 swe time, 19 fin time.

The program sheet cost: ordinary 15€, pensioner 10€, students for free
For booking: kulturen@haparanda.se

OBSERVE! You pay your program sheet at the entrance, only card payment available!

Haparanda stads kulturenhet



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LOSKA & Alli Haapamäki @ Hotelli Olof

13.4.2022 – 13.4.2022

Hotelli Olof, Hallituskatu, Tornio, Suomi,

Hotelli Olof, Ravintola Olof.

10€/5€ (opisk. eläk.)

Riverside Jazz Ry


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Exhibition: Sune Uusitalos colorful clothes

16.3.2022 – 23.4.2022

Järnvägsgatan 21, Haparanda, Sverige


Invigning den 16 mars kl. 16.30 (öppet till och med kl. 18.30)

Onsdagar kl. 9-13

Torsdagar kl. 12-16

Lördagar kl. 11-15

(stängt under Påsklov, mellan kl. 14-18 april)


Kultur och fritid, Haparanda stad


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Photography exhibition with Haparanda PhotoClub theme ”pattern”

9.2.2022 – 5.3.2022

Haparanda Library, Packhusgatan 4, Haparanda, Sverige,

Haparanda Library, Packhusgatan 4.

Photography exhibition, there are both physical and digital artpieces.

Haparanda Biblioteks öppettider.


Haparanda Fotoklubb


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Happy New Twice

31.12.2021 11:30 pm –
01.01.2022 1:00 am (FI)

Victoriatorget, Länsiranta, Tornio, Suomi

We celebrate Happy New Twice with fireworks!  

Unfortunately, we have to cancel the program of our joint New Year’s celebration Happy New Twice on Victoria Square due to new stricter Covid-19 restrictions. But we can enjoy the fireworks, twice, of course! Enjoy the evening, safely of course!

The Finnish Government made a series of decisions on Tuesday 21. December. Various events, including outdoors, are considered a medium risk of infection and are prohibited during the period 28/12-16/1.

Timetabell for the fireworks (Swedish time) :

Finnish New Year                                     at 11 .00 pm

Swedish New Year                                    at 12.00 pm


Swe / Fin time
22.30 | 23.30 Welcome to Victoria square
22.45 | 23.45 Music performances
23.00 | 00.00 Fireworks
23.10 | 00.10 Fire show (Taikatulet)
23.20 | 00.20 Music performances
23.35 | 00.35 Surprise performance
23.50 | 00.50 Fire show (Taikatulet)
00.00 | 01.00 Fireworks

Tornion kaupunki, Haparanda stad

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International grand market in HaparandaTornio

26.8.2021 – 29.8.2021

Hallituskatu 1, Tornio, Suomi,

Hallituskatu and Länsiranta

In the International Grand Markets the central idea is to bring various products from across the globe, sold by their original manufacturers in the same marketplace. 2019`s tour had 129 entrepenours partaking from 32 countries. The tour was a grand success! Gathering an overall crowd of 1,5 million people, it was the biggest public event of the year in Finland.

In the coming tour there will be many wondrous market stalls from across the globe. We have numerous new and fantastic international market stalls that offer something to see and experience to any and all tastes. Furthermore there are Finnish specialities from different regions to be seen in their own imposing market stalls. Do keep posted by following us in Facebook. We look forward to seeing you in the markets!

Myyntiaika: to-la klo 10-20, su klo 10-18

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PIOT light festival

5.11.2021 – 6.11.2021

Tornio, Suomi,

Rantakatu park, Möljä Puutarhakatu, pharmacy park

The multidisciplinary light festival brings Tornio to a new light. Come on a journey above the everyday life. It´s time to turn on the lights and celebrate!

The Tornio light season and the festival kick off happens in “Nordberg Möljä” in Tornio Puutarhakatu on Friday 5.11. at 6 pm. We will see a beautifully lighted Pharmacy park, a performance called the Spirit of the river by the dance school Stage, the premiere of the Borderless Tornio film by the City of Tornio and the thesis of Tornio Youth Work Light Workshop. The event is hosted by Hanna-Leena Ainonen, the cross-border developer.

Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the show! After the program, you can head towards the center of Tornio and Hallituskatu, where you will find the best of the Valopilkku program.

The main event of the PIOT festival on 6.11.  brings together light art, performers, food and drink for the entire Saturday night in the Rantakatu area. You get to walk a path that leads you on a journey above everyday life and experience the city and its people in a new light. The event area is open to the public from 4pm to 10pm.


Tornion kaupunki

+358 50 597 1174


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2.7.2021 – 3.7.2021

Festival area: Torikatu 4, 95430 Tornio, Finland

The festival offers high quality music for all jazz and blues fans at the Aine Art Museum’s park area, near the Tornio river, under the midnight sun. You can enjoy jazz and blues on multiple stages, and there’s a lot to see and experience – for the entire family! Tickets will be available later in spring. More information at www.facebook.com/KalottjazzBluesFestival and www.kalottjazzblues.net.