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Safe travel

As our destination Haparandatornio is situated in two countries, Sweden and Finland, there are different recommendations and restrictions on the both sides of the border.

Check all information by Finnish authorities for travellers here.

Check more information by Swedish authorities here.

Travelling across the border is open for EU and Schengen area citizens. Please notice that all persons arriving in Finland are still bound by the obligations stated in the Communicable Diseases Act. If you arrive outside the EU- or Schengen area, please read carefully the information by the authorities.

We want your stay at HaparandaTornio to be as pleasant and safe as possible. Here we have gathered some general guidelines and links to sites with further information. Let’s keep our distance, follow the guidelines and keep each other safe and healthy. 

Preventing the spread of  the coronavirus is our top priority. We carefully follow the recommendations given by THL, The Finnish Institute for Health & Welfare and The Public Health Agency of Sweden.

General guidelines:

  • Keep your distance from others and avoid large crowds
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Disinfect your hands with hand sanitiser
  • Wear masks
  • Do not travel if you feel unwell or are showing symptoms of illness
  • Get vaccinated

If you are in Lapland and have symptoms e.g. a high temperature, cough or breathing difficulties, contact the health centre.

If you suspect that you’ve been infected by Covid-19, contact 1177 in Sweden or your local healtcare in Finland .

For taking a covid test for travel without having any symptoms:

Information about travel to Finland.

Information about travel to Sweden.

For further information about Covid-19, please visit the World Health Organization webpage.