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HaparandaTornio – Two Countries – One Destination

Two Countries – One destination! HaparandaTornio is definitely a different kind of destination in both Sweden and Finland. We operate in two countries, in two time zones, in two cultures. We offer the cross-border experiences in our twin-city in Lapland by the Bothnian Bay. Perfect spot to experience life as a local combining small relaxed city life to nature exploring – two times.

Good to keep in mind, when we talk about cities in Lapland, our cities are more like villages compared to the big cities elsewhere. Our twin-city is small and peaceful, but offering all necessary services from restaurants to hotels, hospitals to transportation. 


General information of the area

Time difference

When you are traveling in the HaparandaTornio area, pay attention to the time difference. Finland and Sweden have different time zones, which can occasionally be a bit tricky for travelers. Finnish time is one hour ahead of Swedish time, so when it’s 11 am in Sweden, it’s already noon in Finland. Swedish buses follow Swedish timetables.

While we use euros in Tornio, Finland, Swedish crowns are the currency in Haparanda. If you want to use cash, remember to exchange money before arriving at HaparandaTornio. Local banks do not necessarily change currency. Cards are the best payment method. Euros are also accepted in some shops in Haparanda.

In case of emergency
The general emergency number is 112 and can be called from any telephone. Call this number in any emergency that requires the police, an ambulance or the fire department. If you need medical assistance the health centre is located in both city centres: Tornio: Sairaalakatu and Haparanda Lasarettsgatan. The nearest hospital is in Kemi, 25 km away. There is also a hospital in Luleå, 130 km away. Make sure that you always have travel insurance when travelling.

Drinking water
Here in HaparandaTornio you do not have to buy bottles of drinking water. Our tap water is of the best quality in the world, at least according to a UNESCO report. So enjoy it whenever and wherever!

Want to visit HaparandaTornio in the summertime? Our summer season is June-August and the weather can change from a fresh and humid +15 degrees Celsius to a sunny and warm +25 degrees celsius, so pack for all weather, or travel light and do your shopping here. Even though nature is the key attraction here, we have a good variety of shopping spots.

If you are traveling to our winter wonderland, remember to dress warmly and with several layers. Decent winter boots are essential. Keeping your head, hands and toes warm is a good start.

As our destination is located in two countries, across two time zones and two cultures, we also speak several languages. Finnish is the main language in Tornio and Swedish in Haparanda, but you might also run into another language called Meänkieli.

In most cafés, restaurants and hotels there is a free wifi.