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Top 5 photo locations


Calling all shutterbugs! Uncover the hidden gems of HaparandaTornio with our expertly crafted guide to the top 5 photo locations. Get ready to frame your adventures in unforgettable snapshots.

Love knows no borders

One thing you must do while you’re here is take a picture of our heart. This giant heart, located in Victoria square, is on the border of our two countries with one half in Finland and the other half in Sweden. Maybe this is Europe’s next top wedding picture location? There are also other works of art in the square worth posing with.  

På gränsen heart

Seskarö bridge

The archipelago looks particularly beautiful when viewed from here. You can leave your car at the carpark at the other end of the bridge. Walking on the bridge itself is not recommended, but the bridge and the surrounding landscapes are worth photographing. You can continue your journey along the bridge to the island of Seskarö, where you can photograph yourself on the sandy beaches of the North.


The rapids make an excellent subject for an exhilarating video, particularly in the spring. Actually, any season is good for taking pictures as the scenery is stunning. We also highly recommend visiting in the summer and autumn. Capture images of the locals fishing with their nets in the river. An image of a whitefish being grilled whole on an open fire on a stick will remind you of the delicious local food when looking back at your Instagram feed.   


Not everything is flat around here. Climb to the top of Nivavaara hill and take in the fantastic view, overlooking the Torne River Valley.  The hill is located in the village of Korpikylä, about 30 km north from Tornio. Put on some comfortable shoes, pack a backpack and hit the woods.  You don’t need to be a hiker or worry about getting lost, the trail is only 700m long and well marked and maintained. At the top, there is a lean-to shelter (take some firewood with you if you want to make a campfire) and a viewing platform, from which you can take pictures of the spectacular landscape.  

Nivavaara hiking

The easternmost place in Sweden

In reality,  the easternmost place in Sweden is a tiny island called Kataja, but on the mainland, it is Sundholm near Cape East Hotel & Spa. This is where you can see the river joining the sea. However, the location’s latest claim to fame is from the television series Survivor 2021, as the spot where the elimination rounds, known as the tribal council, were filmed. Definitely one for your photo albums!

Robinsson Cape East