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Top 5 places to see the Northern Lights in HaparandaTornio


The Northern Lights are nature’s magical light show. The best season for aurora viewing is from late August to February. In this article, you’ll find the top 5 places to see the Northern Lights in HaparandaTornio


By the Torniojoki River, 15 minutes to the north of the city center lies a small village called Kukkola. Observing the northern sky from here is amazing. The northern lights can be seen from late August until late April here by the river. Nordic Safaris arranges different activities to see the northern lights. There is also lovely accommodation and sauna services available here.

Amazing aurora show in Kukkolankoski, picture by Nordic Safaris


On the opposite side of the river lies Kukkolaforsen. There are hotel rooms with the windows opening to the northern sky. Stay comfortably indoors if you wish and observe the nature´s light show from your room.

Observe the northern lights in Kukkolaforsen.


The highest spot in HaparandaTornio is Nivavaara, where you can climb easily on top of the hill to see the amazing view to the Torne valley and observe the nature at it´s best. When the night falls and the sky is clear, the aurora show awaits. The hill is located in the village of Korpikylä, about 30 km north from Tornio. Put on some comfortable shoes, pack a backpack and hit the woods.  You don’t need to be a hiker or worry about getting lost, the trail is only 700m long and well marked and maintained. In the winter time we recommend to book a tour with a local guide. Nordic Safaris arranges tours to the nature!

Enjoy a hot beverage while waiting for the Northern Lights.

City center

Our cities are rather small and peaceful, therefore you do not have to go far either to witness the aurora dance. Even in the city center you can have this amazing opportunity. Book you hotel in the twin-city center. On Finnish side there is the legendary Park hotel Tornio or Mustaparta hotels with a story to tell. On Swedish side the historical Haparanda Stadshotell is a wonderful option.

Jussi Kurttio captures the northern lights in the city center.


You can also get away from the city and experience the northern lights in the archipelago. The easiest way is to drive to Seskarö Island by crossing the bridge. You might also wanna go to the easternmost spot in Sweden by Cape East hotel and observe the nature there where the river meets the sea. Toranda Event center in Finnish side is also by the sea and surrounded by nature. Maybe combining a dinner or your event with Aurora observing!

The Northern Lights reflect beautifully on the river’s surface during the autumn.