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Love without borders


Love Like There’s No Boundaries 

“Poikkinainti” is a typical Finnish word for those cross-border marriages in the Torne River Valley. That happens when one comes from the Swedish side of Torne River and the other from Finnish side. It’s very common especially for those who live along the river since we share the same culture and many people speak a language mixed with Meänkieli, Finnish and Swedish. That being said, there are countless couples in HaparandaTornio who are in a transnational relationship and love without borders. Isn’t it beautiful to say I love you in different languages?

The Cape East Spa, located at the easternmost point of Sweden, is the perfect place to spend romantic quality time together.

A Sweet Date in the City

If you are looking to spend a sweet day with your loved one, we recommend you to visit one of HaparandaTornio’s best cafes. At Toranda Event Center, you and your partner join a chocolate making course for about three hours long and enjoy the process of making sweets with your sweetheart. You can also take a chocolate tasting there if you simply want to try out different types of chocolates.

By the Square Torget, you will find a humorous installation “pusshållplats” playing “kiss” and “bus” in the pun in Swedish. After getting your smooches, you should definitely visit this lovely art cafe with its pink facade standing at the other side of the square. Tornedal & Co. is not only a cozy place to get beautiful cakes or pastry. They also sell local handcrafts and design products. There’s also an art gallery next door. So why don’t you bring yourself and your sweetheart to a delightful date at this artsy coffee shop? 

Toranda: Näätsaarentie 241, 95450 Tornio, Finland

Café Rohkifiini: Eliaksenkatu 4, 95400 Tornio, Finland

Tornedal & Co: Torggatan 46A, 953 32 Haparanda, Sweden

Konditoriet JoLa: Storgatan 73, 953 31 Haparanda, Sweden

Café & Catering Roosamaria: Kemintie 15, 95420 Tornio, Finland

At Tornedal & Co, you can enjoy art alongside your coffee and do some shopping.

Room for 2

It’s time to spice up things a little and we believe that you are going to have an unforgettable stay in the HaparandaTornio hotels. We have a newly renovated Superior & Deluxe room with modern Scandinavian design at Park Hotel for every couple. You also find a lovely Boutique hotel Olof in the heart of Tornio city with views to Torne river. 

Outside the city, cabins next to the Kukkola river rapids and an old fishing village is one of the romances for nature lovers. 

Or are you and your significant other feeling to splurge a little? How about staying at the Grand Hotel’s presidential suite with a sauna to spend the romantic night together? Or if you are looking to combine staying and extreme relaxation together, you could book a room at Cape East hotel & spa, at Sweden’s easternmost point. The rooms offer living paintings of the Torne River flowing by and it’s a beautiful location on the border of Sweden and Finland.

If you are looking for a more old-fashioned kind of stay, then head to old Stadshotell in central Haparanda. It’s one of the most famous turn-of-the-century hotels in the area, restored to its former glory!

Park Hotel: Itäranta 4, 95400 Tornio, Finland

Stadshotell: Torget 7, 953 31 Haparanda, Sweden

Grand Hotel Mustaparta: Lukiokatu 8, 95400 Tornio, Finland

Kukkolaforsen Turist & Konferens: Kukkolaforsen 184, 953 91 Haparanda, Sweden

Hotel Olof: Hallituskatu 16, 94500 Tornio, Finland

Cape East Hotel & Spa: Sundholmen 1, 953 33 Haparanda, Sweden

Sleep like royalty in the suite at Grand Hotel.

Spice it up in the Spa

You get the perfect getaway from everyday life by escaping to relax in Cape East Midnight Ice Spa. Let yourself be carried away by the fresh air and the scenic setting of midnight sun, the northern lights and the energizing view of Torne River flowing by. No matter if you are coming near or far, staying at the hotel or just visiting, this experience is worth trying! It holds a wide range of experiences for maximum harmony and refreshment. There you can find the world’s largest sauna, which is similar in design to a Mayan temple, has ten bench rows at different levels with capacity for up to 150 persons. You also find heated indoor and outdoor pools where you can gaze over to the border of Finland. To balance the warmth you find ice-baths, an outdoor pool and icy waterfall shower. Between baths and pools, you can enjoy fresh fruits, tea and a healthy shot in the Relax room. Is there a better getaway for couples than this!

Cape East Hotel & Spa: Sundholmen 1, 953 33 Haparanda, Sweden

Romantic getaway at Cape East Spa.

Romantic dinners

Many of the local hotels hold a high quality restaurang as well. Most of them serve a season-based menus, which helps them to make sure you are always served the best quality food. Season-based dining makes every experience unique. Most of them serve fish from nearby Torne River and the ocean, and also, elk and reindeer from the forest, as well as mushrooms and berries from the local area.

Gulasch Baronen chefs works to bring you a beautiful harmony of tastes, quality as well as a feast for the eyes.

You will find several romantic dining venues around the HaparandaTornio area. If you are looking forward to dine next to Torne River flowing by, we recommend you to go to either Cape East restaurant or River Restaurant. If you are looking for a grand, old-fashioned looking building with an amazing atmosphere, we recommend you to dine in Haparanda’s Stadshotell. However, if you would like to enjoy Scandinavian style, light and fresh dining, then head to Hotel Olof’s restaurant or to Park Hotel’s Ainoa restaurant. You will find a sensual and dark atmospheric restaurant at hotel Mustaparta, and probably the area’s most popular Asian style cuisine you’ll find in restaurant Golden Flower. If you have time, we advise you to definitely try them all!

Cape East Hotel & Spa: Sundholmen 1, 953 33 Haparanda, Sweden

River Restaurant: Strandgatan 18, 953 31 Haparanda, Sweden

Stadshotell: Torget 7, 953 31 Haparanda, Sweden

Hotel Olof: Hallituskatu 16, 94500 Tornio, Finland

Park Hotel Ainoa restaurant: Itäranta 4, 95400 Tornio, Finland

Grand Hotel Mustaparta: Lukiokatu 8, 95400 Tornio, Finland

Golden Flower: Eliaksenkatu 8, 95400 Tornio, Finland

Dine next to Torne River at Cape East restaurant.

Date night without the movies?

Is there a more iconic date-night plan than dinner and a movie? And we definitely recommend you to not skip the movie! It’s so much more romantic to discover a new film in the darkness of the movie theater. Cozy seats and delicious snacks are the perfect combo. If you go to the movies at Biorex Rajalla På Gränsen, you even get to pick VIP seats with footrest and wider seats with armrest to both of you. Of course you can always go on your own and have a lovely movie experience by yourself. Romantice your daily life and treat yourself with stress free movie night even during the week. There is always a good time for a movie!

Chasing Love Under Northern Lights

Nothing is more romantic than kisses under the Northern Lights. We’re told that a couple would find their happiness if they’re making out under the Aurora Borealis. Since HaparandaTornio is literally surrounded by forest. You will be able to see the Northern Lights without light pollution once you go further away from the city. There are some places for you and your partner to chase the Northern Lights such as Seskarö Island or Kukkola Rapids. Seskarö Bridge is the only connection to get to the island. It’s a nice spot where you can pull over your car and see the Northern Lights dancing over the archipelago. At Kukkola River Rapids is another great spot for hunting the Northern Lights. Don’t forget to bring hot chocolate and perhaps start a campfire and toast some marshmallows while cuddling each others until the Northern Lights show up. It’s always worth waiting until the moment of colors jumping up and down above the Torne River. But then again, sometimes you can even observe Aurora in the middle of the city when KP is high enough. It’s also easier to take a love selfie without street lights coming in your way.

Spectacular Northern Lights in Tornio
See spectacular Northern Lights in Tornio.