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About us – two times

HaparandaTornio represents a unique twin city in two countries, in two time zones, in two cultures. HaparandaTornio is operated by Two Countries – One Destination tourism project.

Tornio and Haparanda form an international twin city with on the border with 32 000 inhabitants. Here two cultures and languages meet and become one! Visiting HaparandaTornio you will experience, learn and live double!

Our destination is in a great location by Torne River and Bothnian Bay, in the heart of both Swedish and Finnish Lapland. We are the gateway to Swedish and Finnish Lapland. Train connection to Haparanda, to Tornio on the way to Kolari, and Kemi (25 minutes away). Airports in Kemi (25 minutes away) and Luleå, Rovaniemi and Oulu (1,5-2 h drive away). 

We offer cross-border experiences with different types of accommodation, restaurant, sauna and activity services. Accommodation varies from modern, Scandinavian resorts to rustic countryside cottages. Restaurants introduce local traditions with local ingredients. Activities available in all four seasons from fishing to hiking, snowmobiling to Arctic Island Hopping. Famous icebreaker cruises, Santa Claus Village, Ice -and snow hotels and castles are nearby and easy to combine. Summers are filled with light as the sun never sets. Autumn introduces different lights and colours, not forgetting the Northern Lights. Winter is white and filled with snow, our river and sea are frozen. Spring arrives bright and green filled with new life.

We are also known as the shopping place! In small towns and villages the shopping possibilities are usually limited. Here you can choose from the local handicrafts to shopping center Rajalla located on the border of two countries. Or maybe you are looking for the world´s northernmost IKEA?

Stress-free and energizing moments are guaranteed in HaparandaTornio. Double up your experience on both sides of the border.