Kayaking in Torne River

Get familiar with kayaking

Kayaking is a very diverse hobby and develops a wide range of skills. Kayaking is suitable for all people of different ages and sizes.

Kayaking is an outdoor exercise and sport in the open air.

The program includes 20 minutes of guidance which includes:

  • Steering and turning of the kayak
  • Training on the ground; to come out of a kayak that has keeled over
  • How to get into and out of a kayak, reaching the shore, the rudiments of current water

In the water we will once again go through the steps learnt on dry land; the guide will carry out the model performances.

Availability: June-October
Duration: About 80 minutes, 60 min. in water.
Price: 68 € / pers. Group size at least 4 persons.
Suitable for persons who can swim, and are in normal physical condition.


More information and booking:

+358 400 692 301info@nordicsafaris.com

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