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Fishing guide J. Leutola

Address: Kauppakatu 22, 954 00 Tornio

Tel: +358 400 291-714

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Fishing accommodation near the Traveling Cove

Address: Harjugården. Harju 130, 953 93 Karungi

Tel: +46 70 611-5689

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Fishing accommodation near the Traveling Cove

Address: Hulkoffgården . Korpikylä 197, Haparanda

Tel: +46 922 320-15

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Kivijärvi Fishing Camp

Address: Kivijärvi, Haparanda

Tel: +46 70 313-1938

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Fishing in Kukkolankoski

The pike has been an important fish for fishermen already in ancient times. The ability of the pike is to adapt to the food chain leader. It also creates good conditions for the use of different fishing methods. Fishing in the pond is easy and the catch is mostly guaranteed. The fishing season for good perch is autumn, but in the summer the perch will come well from the Näränkoski River to the Tornio River.

Price: 85 € / adult ja 40 € children 8 -14 vuotta.

Optional fishing permits, 20 € /person. Children under the age of 15 do not need a fishing permit.

Group size: Min. 4 pers. One raft can accommodate a group of 12 people.

The service packages include casting equipment, life jackets, fishing guide services, breaks; coffee/tea and bun.

Possible catch-fish: pike, perch, whitefish and grayling.

Reservations and additional information:

+358 400 692

Koskitie 130, Tornio

Address: Koskitie 130, Tornio, Suomi

Address: Koskitie 130, Tornio, Suomi