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Room escape games test out your teamwork and logical skills. You have 60 minutes to escape from a room by solving puzzles and problems of the game.

Get a team of 3 to 6 players and book one of our three-room escape adventures. Room escape games are a fascinating activity for example for a group of friends or family. They also suit perfectly for work team-building events or for bachelor parties. Our games are suitable for everyone, but we recommend that players under 12 years are accompanied by older team members. Hannibal is an exception, we do not recommend it for players under 15 yrs.

The clock is ticking and no one wants to get trapped…


The Forbidden Forest

You have bee selected as champions of your wizard school for triwizard challenge where you have to face trials in the Forbidden Forest.


A serial killer known for his canniblistic habits has captured you. You have to figure out how to escape from the murderer’s lair because the table is set… for one.

We don’t recommend this game for players under 15 yrs.


The Bank Job

A small town bank isn’t keeping only cash but also valuable jewels protected by quite extraordinary security measures. Can you bypass the system and rob the diamonds before the police arrive?



2 players: 60€

3 players: 75€

4 players: 80€

5 players: 100€

6 players: 120€

The maximum team size is 6 persons. 5€ discount with a valid student ID and for players under 12 years. Players under 6 years play for free.

Book here.

Our game is located in the courtyard of Lappari Experience Factory.

Contact Email:

Phone: +358 40 196 6544

Website (URL):

Address: Lapinkullankatu 12, 95400 Tornio

Exit Tornio
Contact Email:
Phone: +358 40 196 6544
Website (URL):
Address: Lapinkullankatu 12, 95400 Tornio