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Paddle your way to arctic archipelago


Explore Haparanda archipelago by your own paddle strokes

What makes the Arctic Archipelago so unique, is the countless number of islands with many sandy beaches. A great starting point for your adventure finding your very own beach, is the Island of Seskarö. The island has many beautiful beaches on its own also. Here you will find the possibility to rent single or double kayaks and get help to embark on your paddling adventure. From Tromsöviken you can follow the coastline to the north and paddle underneath the majestic Seskarö Bridge. You will continue by many bays along the islands north coast all the way to the lighthouse on the island of Lehtikari. To the east from Seskarö Bridge you can explore the islands of Seskarklubbarna and glide effortlessly from bay to bay. On Seskarö´s southern coast you will find the famous sandy beaches of the island with endless sea views with Haparanda Sandskär at a glance in the distance.

Trips to Skomakaren or Seskar-Furö

Follow a string of islands to the east of Seskarö and reach the island of Skomakaren with its beautiful northern bay. Once ashore you will find basic infrastructure, amazing nature to explore and ample of berries and mushrooms to pick. The 25km trip is a great two-day tent paddling adventure.

6km south of Seskarö you will enter the national park and reach the island of Seskar-Furö with its endless sandy northern peninsula. You might have seen this island in Robinson or Survivor Finland reality shows this year! Another 4km further south you reach the parks main island Sandskär with its former fisher cabins, church and rental cabins. The island is famous for its rich bird life and easy to explore along its beaches and trails.

The bay of Tromsöviken is shallow and the ideal spot for beginners and families to take their first strokes in a kayak, sit-on top or stan dup paddle board.

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Haparanda Seskarö paddling bridge