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How to Get to HaparandaTornio from Stockholm and why?


HaparandaTornio is in fact two cities by the Swedish and Finnish border. For people who live here usually have friends and family on both sides. It’s very common that someone lives in Haparanda and works in Tornio or the other way around. For local residents HaparandTornio has always been ONE and the same community.

HaparandaTornio has been an important trading city in both Swedish and Finnish history since it was established. Today IKEA, Rajala på Gränsen and other retailers have made HaparandaTornio become one of the best shopping towns in the north. Due to its unique location. Here in HaparandaTornio is not only the junction where rail routes meet but also a mix of Swedish and Finnish culture. Along with other cities in Tornio Valley, it has developed its own way of life and traditions. Come experience and get yourself some Tornedalian handicrafts.

Haparanda Line

Haparanda Line played a significant role during World War I, since it was the only connection between Russia and Germany via Haparanda Railway Station. Lenin even took this route back to his home country for his revolutionary plans a hundred years ago. This line started to expand into different branches until the early 90s. Haparanda Line ceased its passenger traffic. Just when we thought trains stopped rolling here. Almost 30 years later, tourists are able to travel from different parts of Sweden to Haparanda again. Currently the Haparanda Station is refurbished and ready to connect to Finnish rail network in the future.

At the moment, Haparanda Line is operated by Norrtåg. Visitors can easily get on a night train from Stockholm Central either to Boden or Umeå then change Norrtåg to Haparanda Station. Why not treat yourself to a cozy sleeper cabin and enjoy the northern Swedish landscape for your next trip!

Different Ways to Get Here

Alternatively, you can also take a night train to Luleå. After that change intercity busses towards HaparandaTornio Resecentrum.

If you prefer to visit HaparandaTornio by plane. You can fly to Luleå Airport first. From there you can either change buses or the airport shuttle to Haparanda.

By any chance you travel from Helsinki? There’s a direct flight to Kemi-Tornio Airport operated by NyxAir. Only about half an hour you will arrive at central HaparandaTornio.

Downtown HaparandaTornio

Once you’re in central HaparandaTornio. We recommend that you explore the city by foot.  You can start to take a stroll from Haparanda Church and walk past the old water tower and the classic hotel Stadshotell. Victoria Square is situated right in the middle of the city. It is also where HaparandaTornio locals like to meet up with friends. Here you can celebrate the New Year twice with fireworks and live music because of two different time zones. Passing by the border. Keep on your journey on the Länsiranta towards the Museum of Tornio Valley and learn about the rich culture from Tornio Valley.

Kukkola fisherman´s village

Kukkola River Rapids is definitely a must-visit when you come to HaparandaTornio. Here in Kukkola Village you can fish freshwater whitefish with a hand net or go for a river raft ride.  During the snowy days, you should not miss a relaxing sauna time at the hotel or join a snowmobile tour on the frozen Tornio River. 

The Northern Light

From September to the end of March is the season to see the Northern Light in the north of Sweden and Finland. HaparandaTornio is situated south of the Arctic Circle. Here you can simply spot the Northern Light dancing over the Tornio River. Book a guided tour and get ready for your winter adventure.

Autumn Escape – Seskarö

Seskarö is a beautiful island and a pearl for those who are into outdoor activities from cycling to kayaking. Come here in Autumn to explore the island through MTB trails. Plus at this time of the year, it’s all about going into the forest to pick berries and mushrooms. The Seskarö Bridge is also worth stopping by since it’s a perfect spot for incredible sunset and fishing.