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Ambassadors cover image

HaparandaTornio Ambassadors

Get to know Jojjo and Mia – the first Ambassadors of HaparandaTornio.

Jojjo and Mia will guide you to the gems of the area and share their adventures throughout this year. Tune in to experience the area from their point of view on HaparandaTornio’s Instagram channel. Along the way you will meet local people, get to know the Tornedalen area and get to chance to release your adventurous side.

Jojjo and Mia will take turns on HaparandaTornio’s Instagram and some of the highlights can also be found on their personal Instagram channels. Follow their journey from the links!

And if you have any questions what to do when travelling to the area these two are the best ones to answer!


Mia is a designer, photographer and big time dreamer, who’s born and raised in Tornio. She had lived a couple years in southern parts of Finland, until last winter she moved back to her hometown and fell in love with this beautiful, unique twin city once again. “I can’t wait to start this wonderful new project of ours, and to be able to take you with me to see all these amazing things that you can do here in the north! I’m going to go take you with me to explore local adventures and to enjoy our lovely varied nature”, she promises. Stay tuned!

Mia’s Instagram


Jojjo is a yogi, traveler and a creative soul who enjoys most in nature and doing outdoor activities. Jojjo has not only a passion for mindfulness but also huge interest in creating photos and videos about life in Northern Sweden. Sharing the amazing landscape and fascinating culture from Swedish Lapland. Today, Jojjo spends half the time living in a beautiful cabin on an island in Haparanda’s archipelago, and half the time in the Stockholm. Finding the balance in life between city and countryside.

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Different Ways to Explore HaparandaTornio Under Midnight Sun

While the sky is bright all day long, there are many activities you can do. We’re listing some ideas for you when you visit us.

10 Interesting Facts About HaparantaTornio’s History

Here you go, narrowed down to 10 interesting facts about HaparandaTornio history.

Love Like There’s No Boundaries

How to organize a perfect date night in HaparandaTornio and what on earth means “poikkinainti”?

10 Reasons Why Going On a Workation

More and more people work remotely these days, they can pretty much get the job done in any place with a laptop and internet.  We are listing 10 reasons here why you should choose to come to HaparandaTornio as your next workation destination.

Double it up – double the shopping experience!

In HaparandaTornio you are able to shop in a very unique way. Read what our local ambassadors suggest for your shopping day!

Discover Karungi

In 1809 Peace of Hamina was made between Sweden and Russia, which ended the Finnish war, the new state border was ordered to run along the Torne River, when Karungi was divided. The part of Karungi on the Swedish side was annexed to Haparanda in 1967 and the part on the Finnish side in 1973.

How to dress for winter in HaparandaTornio

How to prepare for the winter conditions in this arctic border city?

Top 5 Fall activities in HaparandaTornio

HaparandaTornio local ambassadors Mia and Yao tells you the absolut best things to do in the autumn time. Do not miss these while visiting this arctic border town.

Event center by the sea

When organizing an event here in HaparandaTornio, you most likely do it by the river or the sea. Usually we tend to combine our famous sauna culture to any event. Toranda introduces great possibilities from restaurant, meeting and sauna facilities to the location by the sea. Mia is sharing her thoughts about the event center in HaparandaTornio

How to get to HaparandaTornio from Stockholm, and why

Jojjo tells you how to reach HaparandaTornio from the Swedish capital Stockholm and shares other ways to arrive to our destination. Jojjo also shares the must-see-spots in HaparandaTornio!

Discover the Wild beauty of Kukkola in Autumn

Along the fairway, in the Tornio River Valley, you can find a very special kind of living in traditional Kukkolankoski and Kukkolaforssen. Two names, two countries and one destination.