HaparandaTornio stamp HaparandaTornio stamp

Day as a princess

Spend a leisurely day or weekend at the spa, enjoying delicious food and bubbly drink. You can combine your spa weekend with shopping tour and museums in the area, both sides of the border.

2 Days/ 1-2 Nights

Day 1. Arrival and overnight stay at Cape East Hotel. 3-course dinner (seasonal delicacies) and spa services (spa and wellness packages and sauna)

Day 2. Shopping on your own in Haparanda and Rajalla shopping center in Tornio, or optionally guided shopping tour. The tour includes visits to small shops, lunch/coffee and glasses of sparkling wine. Please contact Cape East Hotel for more information.

If you stay at the hotel for the second night, you may also go to movies at the Rajalla shopping center or see the exhibitions at the Aine Art Museum. End of the day, dinner can be enjoyed at one of the area’s restaurants.

Live like a local

Try to live like a local; explore our twin city on foot and enjoy the atmosphere. Go shopping and dine at the local restaurants. You can combine your trip with history of the area or have fun with ranging from fishing to an escape room. Not forgetting sauna!

3 Days/ 2 Nights

Day 1. Arrival and check-in at the hotel in Tornio, by car or transport. Shopping and coffee break in Paperivalo shop Karunki. After this optionally Farm Escape, Sauna experiences with your own group or rafting in Kukkola rapid. In the evening, get to know twin city by walking and for example add brewery tour for your schedule. Dine at the restaurant in a city center or hotel.

Day 2. The next day head to Sweden; spend a day at Kukkolaforsen exploring the history and museum on a guided tour. You can for example go to sauna, have a lunch or book a chocolate tasting. Along the river Tornio is also situated Hulkoffgården where you can go shopping, see the life at a farm and plants of the north.

Day 3. You can explore idyllic specialty shops of Haparanda and pop in at the historical museum of area HaparandaTornio. And all this is on foot!

Santiago de Tornedalen

Explore the unique nature of the Bothnia Bay by cycling or take a boat trip to the archipelago. You can combine dining and accommodation for your trip for example in Kukkolankoski, which is one of rapids of Europe’s longest free-flowing river; Tornio river.

For example combine these activities with your holiday:

HaparandaTornio stamp HaparandaTornio stamp

Sauna experiences

The significance of sauna as a cultural heritage and promoter of well-being in the North is undeniable! In the HaparandaTornio area you can try number of different saunas; basic sauna, smoke sauna, steam sauna, world’s largest sauna..