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PIOT light festival, see the city in a new light


The multidisciplinary light festival brings Tornio to a new light – come on a journey above everyday life. It’s time to turn on the lights and celebrate!

PIOT festival in Tornio

Tornio has reached a respectable age of 400 years and now is the time to start something new! Inspired by the the founder of the city, Gustav II Adolf, a new interdisciplinary light festival, PIOT, is being organized, bringing the city and its citizens to a new light.

PIOT-festival is celebrated across the city, and on Saturday in Rantakatu Park, surrounded by the domestic and international light art at the main event of the festival.

The word PIOT originally comes from the local Meänkieli dialect, meaning feast. A common moment where the villagers gather at the same table to celebrate life and enjoy the moment.

Pre-party by the Nordberg Möljä 5.11. at 6 pm

The Tornio light season and the festival kick off happens in “Nordberg Möljä” in Tornio Puutarhakatu on Friday 5.11. at 6 pm. We will see a beautifully lighted Pharmacy park, a performance called the Spirit of the river by the dance school Stage, the premiere of the Borderless Tornio film by the City of Tornio and the thesis of Tornio Youth Work Light Workshop. The event is hosted by Hanna-Leena Ainonen, the cross-border developer.

Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the show! After the program, you can head towards the center of Tornio and Hallituskatu, where you will find the best of the Valopilkku program.

Main event by the Nordberg Möljä 6.11. at 4 – 10 pm

The main event of the PIOT festival brings together light art, performers, food and drink for the entire Saturday night in the Rantakatu area. You get to walk a path that leads you on a journey above everyday life and experience the city and its people in a new light. The event area is open to the public from 4pm to 10pm.

The is no entrance fee to the event.

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