HaparandaTornio Infopoints

You will find lots of information about our destination on this website and on our social media channels FB and IG.

We have opened couple on InfoPoints in HaparadaTornio also where you can ask some tips for your vacation face to face or pick up a map of our destination. Maps are also available in our hotels.

The InfoPoint on Finnish side is located in Torne valley Museum, Torikatu 4
95400 Tornio and the one on Swedish side is located in Haparanda library, Packhusgatan 4, Haparanda (in July the library serves on the beach, Strandparken).

Opening hours for the Tornio infopoint (Finnish time)

Tuesday to Thursday 11-18
Friday to Sunday 11-15
Closed on Mondays

Opening hours for the Haparanda infopoint (Swedish time)

Mon 11.00–19.00
Tue: 11.00–18.00
Wed – Thu: 11.00–16.00
Fri 11.00–14.00

If you want to reach us via phone, please call +358 50 590 0562 (Finland),
+46 922 262 00 (Sweden) or email info@haparandatornio.com

Check also the FAQ from our website!